The Iron Dragon Company

A group of hard-bitten mercenaries and allies to the heroes


Among the few survivors of the slaughter at Malatya, the Iron Dragons stand at the heroes’ side…at least for as long as the money holds out. Once a full platoon, their numbers have been reduced to the scarred remnants of a squad. As with many of the Septime, they are brash, often crude, and wickedly effective fighters. Each carries their own goals, but all bend to the leadership of Captain Aspasia Aella.

Captain Aella, leader of the Iron Dragon Company. Scarred. Direct. Compulsively mutters taunts and mockery.

Euthalia, First of Captain Aella’s Immunes, second in command. Moody and determined.

Timo, the Iron Dragons’ Munifex and youngest soldier. Speaks often of his wife and daughter, who live at the more civilized edges of the Septime.

Silvius Glaucus, Evocati of the Company. His family was dispossessed during one of the skirmishes between the Republic and the Alliance, sending him off to seek a way to restore their fortunes.

Theodulus is another Immunes within the company, specializing in siege weaponry and sapping. He bears the brands of a convicted criminal, though he goes out of his way to act with honor. He often seeks the counsel of the Knights.

Albanus, Immunes Evocati, sharpshooter of the company, Quaesetor. Gruff but boisterous, the eldest member of the Iron Dragons, charged with their finances. A hard bargainer, harder drinker, and all-around roughneck.

The Iron Dragon Company

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