The Flayed Man

A terrifying grymkin aiding the Scourge


The origins of the Flayed Man are lost to the mists of pre-Republican history. Stories of this hideous creature exist from the lands of the Issenklannen to the islands of the Bandalk riders. What is certain is that the Flayed Man, called Raggedy Eyes, Gristle and Flay, and a host of other gruesome appellations, exists to spread misery, fear, and death among mankind.

In the current day, the Flayed Man was first encountered by the survivors of a far-flung Republican outpost, where he had stolen plague-cursed gold to further the unknowable aims of the Scourge. He has since pursued a terrible agenda with a path ending in the lost city of Skagaris, hidden somewhere deep in the Great Salt Desert.

The Flayed Man

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