A Trollheim bondsman and Alessandro's bodyguard. He's big.


Nunzio is a man of contradictions – he is a Trollheim ‘barbarian,’ yet spends much of his free time studying the texts of the Republic and Free Cities. According to Alessandro, there has always been ‘a Nunzio’ protecting the youngest sons of the Ravenna family; Nunzio seems amused by the idea and has said nothing. He has hinted at being some form of Trollheim nobility, but claims no airs to that effect.

Regardless of any mysteries surrounding his origins, Nunzio has proven himself to be a bold fighter, fearless, and devoted to eradicating the Scourge. He sees that if the Republic and the Free Cities fall, so shall the lands of the Iron Riders.

During the ill-fated expedition to Skagaris, Nunzio sacrificed his life to the Scrivener of the Great Library to provide the raw material used to create a device of terrible implications.


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