Koralia Ekklesia ko Knossais


Koralia was born to the Dalassenoi, a once-noble mercantile family of Knossais, and it was originally expected that she would follow in their footsteps. She demonstrated a talent for magic at an early age, however, and was taken into the Church for training at the age of six.

In this, she was fortunate; her family’s fortunes took a pronounced downturn not long after her training began. The machinations of a rival merchant family, the Visconti of Vicentia, caused broken contracts and lost cargos over the period of several years. Enraged, her older brother Stefanos stole a family ship and turned brigand. At first he preyed only on Free States ships, but within a few years began to target Republic and Free States ships alike.

Koralia was insulated from all this at the express wish of her parents, Eirine and Mikhael. She was safely in the church, being trained as a healer-mage; it was at their insistence that she took the surname Ekklesia, simply one of the church. She wasn’t happy about this, but acquiesced out of filial loyalty.

Koralia spent twelve years in training both in magery and in chirurgury. Her first assignment as a journeyman was as an itinerant healer, traveling the road from Knossais to Ackinus, offering her services to the towns and villages in between. She kept her ears open for possibilities to help her family; as often, she found information useful to the Church. She expected to continue her career in that quiet manner, until Mother Miladora’s summons…

Koralia Ekklesia ko Knossais

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