Alessandro Ravenna

A young Free Cities Nobleman on a crusade to clear his family's honor.


Alessandro is the sixth and youngest son of the house of Ravenna, a mercantile family based out of the Free Cities state of Catania. When the Eisenreiden mercenaries dispatched to secure an illegal napthum site in Republican territory went silent, it was Alessandro who was dispatched, along with his bodyguard and bondsman Nunzio and a squad of Septime mercenaries, to investigate.

What they discovered was pure horror – not only was the napthum well lost, but the region was ravaged by two plagues, one in the form of a transformative disease spread through Ravennan gold, the other the Eisenreiden, who had become accursed draugr.

Joining forces with the Republican expedition to the area, Alessandro, Nunzio, the Septime, and their friends managed to defeat the draugr. His family’s honor besmirched, Alessandro travels with the group to uncover the cause of the Scourge and preserve Hamartian civilization.

Alessandro Ravenna

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