Hamartia, the Old World. Two centuries ago, the Republic of the Holy Triune engaged in a bitter civil war, which resulted in the formation of the Alliance of Free Cities in the southern part of the continent. Unable to expand outward, the Republic has instead gone northward, encountering resistance in the form of the Isenreiden, raiders and reavers from a distant part of the world.

Hamartia is in the throes of a technological and artistic revolution – but that revolution has cost the people dearly. The oil of the Jormungand, vital to invention and industry, has become scarce. But a new alchemical solution has been discovered – refined napthum, the blood of the world. The race is on to discover and exploit new sources of the substance, which, while scarce in Hamartia, seems plentiful; across the sea on the continent dubbed néa Kti̱matologíou – the New Lands.

Of course, drawing napthum from the soil and stone requires workers and gold. Néa Kti̱matologíou has both, in the form of its natives. Thus ships sail forth, men seeking their fortunes in the new lands…no matter what the cost.

With the arrival of the first ships bearing coal, naptum, and slaves a year ago, something terrible has been unleashed. A scourge that grows in the lands of Hamartia, from the filthiest alleys of the Free Cities to the highest temples of the Triune. A plague that threatens the very foundations of civilization itself.

Now, the merchants and inventors of the Free Cities, the Knights Martial of the Temple, the mighty warriors of the Isenklannen must band together, lest they all fall to the horror that pursues them all.

Hamartia: Against the Scourge

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